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The coworking office in our Shopping Centre was created for micro-entrepreneurs, freelancers, and everyone who needs a quiet place to work. In the spacious space, we set up tables of various sizes - smaller ones for focused activities and larger ones - at which a small group of people can work at the same time. There are numerous electrical sockets in the room, useful when working on a computer. You can also enjoy free wireless internet access.

– We invite everyone who would like to use their own computer to work or deal with urgent matters to the coworking office in our Shopping Centre. They will find a space for themselves here with comfortable tables and chairs - says Aleksandra Kolarz, marketing manager of Auchan Sosnowiec Shopping Centre.

We also set up a bookshelf in the co-working office. We encourage you to supplement it with read titles brought from home and replace them with those that you find on it. In this way, we let the book circulate and give the opportunity to read it to other people. We also benefit from this exchange - we gain new books for our library.

A place to work in our Shopping Centre is available free of charge during the opening hours of the facility, i.e. from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 21:00, and on commercial Sundays from 9:30 to 20:00. They can be found in the Shopping Centre passage next to Rossman store.

If you are willing to use the place to work in our Shopping Centre, please read the regulations and apply its provisions. Thanks to this, the coworking office will be a friendly space for all people working in it. add this event to your calendar

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