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You will find gift ideas from the heart and treats! We invite you from December 18th to 21st !

We are just over a week away from Christmas, so it's worth planning your Christmas shopping now! At the Christmas market in our Shopping Center, you will be able to find handicrafts that will interest all those who are looking for an idea for original Christmas gifts, as well as many treats for the festive table.


A lot of unique products are waiting for visitors at the handicraft stands. There you can buy paintings, various Christmas decorations, festive tablecloths and napkins, as well as hand-decorated boards. As an original gift, silver jewelry available at the stands, as well as natural cosmetics and antibacterial soaps with silver and gold will be good. All purchased gifts can be packed in boxes and caskets available from one of the fair's exhibitors.


What is more, there are plenty of delicacies waiting for visitors at the food stands. You will be able to buy natural honey that will be perfect as an ingredient of delicious Christmas dishes, highlander cheeses, sourdough bread, silage, Christmas borscht, sour soup and Christmas gingerbread.

Christmas fair of regional products will be held on December 18th -21st  in the passage of our Shopping Center. The stands will be available during the opening hours of the facility from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 21:00, and on trading Sunday, December 20th, from 9:30 to 20:00.

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