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Charge your electric car while shopping

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GreenWay charger available around the clock in our parking lot allows simultaneous charging of two vehicles: one with direct current (DC) and another with alternating current (AC). It can be used by drivers of electric vehicles that comply with the standards: CHAdeMO, CCS and AC Type-2, i.e. virtually all brands of electric cars. The device allows you to charge the vehicle battery in up to 40 minutes, which can be used, for example, for shopping in one of the nearly 50 stores located in the shopping mall.

Using the charger is possible after registering on the website Charging cars in GreenWay chargers is payable, and the price list and regulations of using the device are available on the website and in the operator's mobile application.

In addition to the electric car charger, drivers coming to our shopping center can also use the Auchan gas station and Norauto shop and car service. add this event to your calendar

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